• Anti Siphon Fuel Theft Solutions

    Anti Siphon Fuel Theft Solutions

    A better anti siphon solution

    That is why so many companies are turning to the Kockon XL series anti siphon.

  • Anti Siphon Fuel Theft Solutions


    Overfilling the tank lets drivers to siphon off the overfill.

  • Anti Siphon Fuel Theft Solutions

    Existing Anti Siphon Solutions are not ideal

    Existing Anti siphon systems are not ideal, requiring the pump to be held at an extreme angle throughout filling which is uncomfortable, can lead to repetitive strain injuries and..

  • Anti Siphon Fuel Theft Solutions


  • Genesis Kockon Diesel Anti Siphon Unit

    Genesis Kockon XL Series

    Ergonomic pivoted design
    Perfect for restricted access fuelling and driver comfort

Anti Siphon Fuel Theft Solutions

Fuel Theft solutions Ltd provide real solutions in the prevention of fuel theft.

The rising cost of fuel combined with labour shortages have created operator concerns, which have taken attention away from the detection of internal fuel theft.

With all the available management systems which mostly provide conflicting data, the methods for the fuel analyst evaluating and processing this information correctly, is very difficult. These systems measure different parts of the chain such as pump through-put, fuel use through CanBus and the driver, who can calculate his mileage and then calculate the amount of fuel required to enable a fuel-efficient trip. The ability to collate and process this data, for the weekly KPI’s, is a minefield. Other factors affecting the vehicle performance are driving style, which can show a variance of up to 20%, route planning, load distribution and dispatch times, which can prevent congestion on routes.

Short Filling

Short filling is a common issue, where a driver is perceived to provide good performance against his/her peers, putting less fuel in the tank and taking a small amount for him/herself. This means the next driver needs to put more fuel in, on the next fill up. Companies that operate a 24/7 transport service, have multiple drivers in the same vehicles on a “keys in – keys out” basis. This can allow multiple thefts to occur over long periods, without detection, due to the difficulty in pinpointing the perpetrator.


Zipper & Fuel Controller

The Zipper & Fuel Controller is a “real time” monitoring system, which alerts when the fuel cap is opened and can pinpoint the location, when opened; the fuel quantity is measured precisely to the last millimetre.

This is ideal for fuel card purchases off site, where the fuel receipt can be checked against the amount of fuel in the tank.

This real time product ensures that the fuel dispensed goes into the tank and not into a jerry can

Are your drivers helping themselves?

Zipper and Fuel Controller Anti Siphon


Another issue is the driver claiming the need to “top up” due to the last driver not filling up correctly. The driver then overfills the tank prior to dispatch allowing “skimming” to take place. This is usually taken a short distance away from the dispatch location, where fuel is then siphoned and hidden for later collection.


Leading providers of anti-siphons often make claims that their units prevent skimming and offer the latest solutions.

broken fuel anti siphon

Looks good. Are you sure?

broken fuel anti siphon

Check again..

broken fuel anti siphon

Still think you’re protected?

These devises are easily breached rendering the unit insecure and if carefully breached this will enable ongoing multiple thefts to occur. This also means that the unit will need a daily/weekly check to ensure that it is secure.



The KOCKON 105 makes siphoning impossible with the inserting of a pipe.

Genesis Kockon 105 Anti Siphon

Poor ergonomically designed Anti Siphons

Another issue in the fuelling process is the poor ergonomic design of most anti siphons which causes discomfort whilst refuelling, due to the angle at which the driver holds the fuel dispenser. The risk of injury to the wrist and forearm flexors, often encourages drivers to insert objects under the trigger, to enable fuel flow without holding the nozzle. The risk of spillage is high, due to the 120 litre – per minute flow rate.

Anti Siphon Fuel Theft Solutions
Anti Siphon Fuel Theft Solutions



The KOCKON XL SERIES is the obvious choice, its pivoted design allows for more comfortable filling due to its superior ergonomic design, reducing the risk of environmental spillages, and repetitive strain injuries with potential personal injury claims.

Genesis Kockon Anti Siphon can tilt between an upright and horizontal position

Robust in design.
No Skimming.

Genesis Kockon Anti Siphon can tilt between an upright and horizontal position

Ergonomic pivoted design
Perfect for restricted access fuelling.
Including Rigid fleets and Reefers…

Genesis Kockon Mach 2 Anti Siphon

The KOCKON XL SERIES is the obvious choice

Anti Siphon Products

Fuel Theft Solutions Ltd provide products which offer multi-level protection and detection.

Check out our range of solutions and ensure that your fuel stays in your tank.

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