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    Kockon Mach 2

    The flexible antisiphon for fuel management and security

Genesis Kockon Mach 2 Anti Siphon

A totally transformable and upgradeable product that gives you an unrivalled choice on fuel security and management options. Mach 2 is a building block for a range of cap fittings and links into the excellent range of ZIP, ZIPPER CLASSIC and also FUEL CONTROLLER. These are easy to fit onto the MACH 2 platform and make the unit completely modular. Fuel which as we know is 35% of transport costs, is fully protected and it simply cannot be stolen thru the MACH 2 system.

The MACH 2 comes is 3 different styles for standard, low floor and short barrel applications and for 2 different styles of tank neck fitting. It shares the same unrivalled features as the KOCKON CLASSIC – no holes for siphoning, no skimming of fuel, 120 litres per minutes fast-fill rate and no splashback. Easy to fit and twists into place and options for original caps to be fitted on. Flexible, secure and tailored to your exact requirements and also the strongest product on the market – can withstand the most determined attack even with drills and other tools.

Technical Information

Just like KOCKON CLASSIC, the MACH 2 is made from highly precision engineered steel with composites also. Designed to take a serious attack and allow excellent fuel flow rates of 120 litres per minute. The flat platform gives unrivalled flexibility and you can purchase complete packages for even better value. It is possible to buy a Mach 2 complete with a Zip or ZIPPER cap and then link it into the vehicles telematics system for all fuelling data to be logged. Operators of trucks, lorries, bus, coach and plant/agricultural machines will find monitoring fuel filling to be a lot easier and to be able to collate fuelling records with actual cap openings. See the sections on ZIPPER to see what this system can do for you -m it is available in wired or wireless formats.

MACH 2 comes in 2 tank neck sizes;

105 – this is a bayonet style tank neck fit that fits over 85% of HGV vehicles such as DAF, MAN, MERCEDES, RENAULT, IVECO, VOLVO etc

80 – this is the screw thread type of tank neck fit that is typically associated with SCANIA and some plastic tank applications

MACH 2 also comes in 3 lengths;

Ultimate – this is the CLASSIC style basket with the float mechanism

XL – this is for low floor applications as the unit articulates to make fuel filling easier and less strain on the drivers arms

SB – this is the Short Barrel for tank necks that have a restricted access inside the neck itself

MACH 2 can also offer XXL cap options for really low floor applications and the Unicap which enables the existing bayonet cap to be fitted back on if you do not wish to take the complete unit and cap (PL) kit from us

Please contact us if you are not sure and want to discuss your requirements exactly. We can really tailor a bespoke package for your operational requirement

Part Numbers Description Price££
824510013/14 Mach2 Ultimate – 105 or 80 – with locking (PL) cap. Same price for XL & SB POA
824510015/16 Mach2 Ultimate – 105 or 80 with ZIP cap – same price for XL & SB POA
786010019/29 Mach2 Ultimate – 105 or 80 with ZIPPER wired cap. Same price for XL & SB POA
  • The XXL caps are the same price as the PL standard locking cap
  • ZIPPER can be wireless also – telematic details will be needed

The prices above are a selection of what MACH 2 can offer and are subject to VAT but do include UK delivery

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