• Genesis Zipper Classic

    Zipper Classic

    The SMART fuel cap that offers Fuel Protection and Management

Genesis Zipper Classic Smart Fuel Cap

Imagine that you could know when the fuel caps on your fleet are being opened and when and where this occurred. It would make fleet fuel usage analysis simple and cost effective. ZIPPER CLASSIC will provide this. It can fit on the original tank neck or on a GENESIS KOCKON CLASSIC antisiphon or even other lesser anti-siphon products.

This SMART product can work on a wired or wireless basis and it fits straight on the fuel tank neck. It will then record all the data for the fuel cap opening/closing, length of time this occurred and the LOCATION. Thru your telematics platform you can see the exact location on a facility such as Google maps. Was it at a fuel stop or a layby or at an unknown property…..??  The all seeing ZIPPER will tell you and enable you to collate fuel card transactions with real time information. ZIPPER is a permanent fixture and means no more lost Fuel Caps!!

Technical Information

ZIPPER CLASSIC is made from precision steel/alloy and composite materials and features a spring-loaded mechanism that means it is always ready to receive the fuel gun and also means no leaks or spills. Easy to use and simple to fit – it simply twists into place on the fuel tank neck/antisiphon and is then installed to work with your telematics information portal/platform. We can provide the install service and get ZIPPER CLASSIC working for you.

There are 2 types of ZIPPER CLASSIC;


A bayonet style fuel tank neck fit that will fit on 85% of HGV units such as DAF, MAN, MERCEDES, VOLVO, RENAULT, IVECO etc.


A screw thread style fuel tank neck fit that is typically associated with SCANIA and some plastic tanks.

It comes as a wired or wireless product – please contact us for details on install and how it can work for you

Part Number Description Price Indication ££
586753045/56045 105 Zipper POA
586753045/56035 80 Zipper POA

All unit are Subject to VAT and UK delivery is included

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