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    Fuel Theft Solutions Ltd offers a range of overt dyes which create individual fuel branding. This hinders the misuse and re-sale of marked fuel, as it creates owner identity, therefore making disposal somewhat difficult. Fuel theft can originate from within the compound, therefore employees are vulnerable to external pressures, whether this be financial gain or by threat. By marking your fuel and creating brand identity this can go some way to protecting your workforce and fuel stock.

Fuel Marking

If you believe that you have internal concerns with regards to misuse, our Covert Dyes and fiscal Markers are a critical tool in “dragging the net” through site operatives, contractors or for national misuse prevention. We have a simple road side test that is conducted by the use of our reagent which can indicate a positive result in less than 5 seconds. The reaction time is advantageous if you are conducting multiple tests.

Manufactured in the UK

Diesel Dye and Covert Dye are both manufactured in the UK assuring stringent quality control measures are in place. We are able to custom blend to client specification offering bespoke solutions to prevent fuel theft whether this is from Haulage, Governmental, Military, Telecom or Mining Companies. Fuel Theft Solutions ship Worldwide in accordance with ADR, IATA and IMDG. We are able to ship to the heart of Theatre Operations and we have a team of in-house packers, so we are able to offer express air freight solutions when goods are required, as a matter of urgency. We have a Current blending capability of 30 Mt per day. 1 Mt of Covert Dye will cover 10,000,000 litres of fuel at a ratio of 10,000:1. 1Mt of Diesel Dye will cover between 10-50,000,000 litres of fuel at a ratio of 10-50,000:1 depending on product selected.

Diesel Dye Products

Diesel Dye

DieselDye is an overt marking solution in a variety of colours and strengths, DieselDye offers a visual deterrent alongside fuel traceability.


DetectaDye™ creates a unique DNA fuel fingerprint. This allows for full traceability and identification. DetectaDye™ is miscible in all fuels including crude oil.

CovertDye™ is an invisible marker, which when tested, will provide an instant verification of fuel ownership.


Covert Dye can help identify the source of the fuel to ascertain whether it has originated from your stock tank thus enabling you peace of mind that you have got it covered and that you are taking proactive steps to rid yourself of internal theft issues. Once added to the stock tank all the diesel is marked covertly at a ratio of  10,000 :1.  This colourless application is most effective in identifying internal theft by employees who are taking your fuel without authorisation. Once you have obtained a sample of fuel, approximately 50ml, from a suspect  you add 3-5 drops of the supplied reagent, if it is your pre marked fuel you will see this sample change to a strong green colour which will indicate that you have a positive result.

This is proving a most effective tool in the fight against internal fuel theft.

Backed by 12 labs strategically positioned across the United Kingdom. Fuel Theft Solutions are ideally placed to support clients in ascertaining fuel origination.

Fuel Theft Solutions Ltd and Diesel Dye are both based and manufactured in the United Kingdom therefore assuring you peace of mind that the products we supply are made in accordance with British standards and have ISO 9000 quality approval.

Please note

It is illegal to attempt to impede the identification of a pre marked fuel (rebated) in accordance with the Hydrocarbon Oil Marketing Regulations 2002 14.3

Fuel Theft Solutions Ltd do not support or encourage the use of Covert Dye with rebated fuels.

Diesel Dye


DieselDye is manufactured in the United Kingdom therefore assuring you peace of mind that the products we supply are made in accordance with British Standards and have ISO 9000 quality approval.

  • DieselDye is the leading fuel marking system.
  • DieselDye can be added at roadside or ideally in stock tanks
  • DieselDye is a liquid which is miscible in all fuels.
  • DieselDye does not harm your engine.
  • DieselDye supply Worldwide
  • Supported by 12 labs strategically positioned across the United Kingdom.

Diesel can account for up to 42% of the running cost within the transport industry
With rising operating costs no company big or small can afford to lose diesel through theft.



DetectaDye™ creates a secure ring fence around your fuel supply chain. It supports many applications from Fiscal fuel programs ensuring that duties are payable and military fuel stocks are at the correct destination. This also supports medium to large companies who will have the ability to deter internal concerns and also allow contractor compliance. Multiple codes can be added to the fuels allowing the individual identities to be tested such as supplier, Client and Destination. Fuel supply ships can also be marked ensuring that the right cargo is at the right place.

  • Is totally secure and unable to be counterfeited
  • Offers complete fuel auditability
  • Creates a Unique Forensic Fuel Fingerprint
  • Unlimited batches and codes available
  • DetectaDye™ uses cutting edge DNA technology in the identification of fuels. This provides a unparalleled level of fuel security
  • DetectaDye™ is resistant to adulteration, and is detectable, and identifiable after mass dilution.
  • Can be used in all fuels including Crude Oil

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